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Our Practice Areas

As a general services immigration firm, we represent immigrants in a wide range of situations arising from our complicated immigration process.
We strive to provide individualized service by listening to our clients, understanding their situation, and finding the appropriate solution.

Immigration Visas

We have significant experience helping
individuals, families, and businesses
obtain immigration visas to live
and work in the United States.

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Deportation Defense

If you are facing deportation proceedings,
we can represent you with the most
effective strategies to
successfully fight removal.

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Non-Immigrant Visas

Apply for a nonimmigrant visa to visit
the United States on a temporary basis
for travel, education, medical treatment,
and more.

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Citizenship & Naturalization

We can guide you through the citizenship
and naturalization process so that you
and your family can start living the
American dream.

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Family Immigration

If you have relatives outside the
United States, our team can help you
find the best immigration
options available to your family.

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Asylum & Refugee Law

Our team provides legal services in all
aspects of asylum law for individuals
who cannot return to their home country
due to persecution.

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Employment Immigration

We will help you evaluate all of your
options for obtaining a U.S. work visa
or employment-based green card.

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Temporary Work Visas

Our team can determine your visa eligibility
and help you apply and prepare all the
documentation to work in the
United States..

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Investor Visas

If you would like to live in the United States
while investing in business, our
legal team can assist you with
acquiring an investor visa.

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About Matulewicz

Anthony Matulewicz – Attorney at Law represents thousands of clients from all over the world. Our staff understands that the characteristics and qualities people want in an attorney are care, knowledge, experience, and determination. We pride ourselves on giving straight answers and creative solutions.

We put in the extra effort and ensure all of our clients’ matters are handled properly, because we know how important your case is.

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Anthony Matulewicz, CEO

Mr. Matulewicz is a longtime defender and advocate for the rights of all people while immersing himself deeply in the study of law, in the process; he learned the value of using laws to help those in need. He represents individuals in every aspect of immigration and nationality law.


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